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Give the gift of health, adventure and hiking with a gift certificate from Urban Hiker. Either buy a gift certificate for a specific hike or choose a specific amount for your gift.


URBAN TRAILS: SAN FRANCISCO is the first ever guidebook on hiking in San Francisco. The book contains covers 50 history- and nature-filled routes, including 40 in San Francisco, 6 in Marin County, and 4 south of the San Francisco border. You’ll walk along the waterfront, explore hidden eucalyptus and cypress forests, seek out mosaic stairways, and climb to the top of panoramic hilltops with views from downtown to the bay. All the hikes are reachable by public transit, so it’s easy to get out and explore.

URBAN TRAILS: EAST BAY guides you on 40 fun-filled routes that highlight the diversity of hiking in the East Bay. You’ll visit Oakland and Berkeley, Richmond and Albany, Fremont and Mt. Diablo—and everywhere in between! You can choose your own adventure, whether it’s walking among tall redwoods, along scenic bayside shores, up to high peaks with panoramic views—and all of this comes within a short bus ride, BART ride, or drive from home. You’ll get your body moving, learn the history of the places you visit as you go, and have a great time adventuring in this unique region.

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