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The goal of the San Francisco stairway project is to document the city's public stairways through a Google Map, a spreadsheet, and photos—and I'm up to 900+ stairways and counting.

Check out the map below (click to view as full size or head to and the companion spreadsheet (also at to start looking at stairways. The spreadsheet has the same info as the map, and it also shows the map legend. In case you don't look at the spreadsheet, know that red map pins represent some of the most impressive stairways in the city, orange are the next tier and continuing through the rainbow to blue. The black pins are places I have yet to verify or that I need to add to the spreadsheet.

So how do you get started? I suggest looking at the map, zooming in, choosing a neighborhood you want to look at, and then clicking on map pins to see photos of the stairways. Then go visit those stairways. Another fun thing is to track which stairways you visit with the spreadsheet. To do this, take the spreadsheet, copy it, add a new column, and put an √ or a X next to the stairways you visit. 

Before you leave this site, check out this FAQ that answers any questions you might have about this project.

If you see any errors in the map or spreadsheet, want to share a photo with me to add to the map, or just want to say hi, shoot me an email at Thanks!

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